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Why choose Read with Phonics

How does Read with Phonics work?

  • Lessons are turned into games
  • Each game gets progressively harder
  • Unlock a new sound with every level that is completed
  • Positive scoring to keep learners engaged

Create a love of reading, for life!


“I would say this is one of the best phonics games apps I have come across.”

“If you have a child who is learning to read, I would definitely recommend checking out the Read with Phonics Games and Phonics App!”

“Make phonics fun through playing simple, clear phonics games with letter sounds!”

“Phonics games that have been designed with children in mind every step of the way.”

The Science of Phonics

Did you know that phonics and phonics games are proven to be the most effective method for learning to read?

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Unlock your child's education

"The ability to read is the foundation of all education, you cannot progress without it. I wanted to make learning to read as easy and as accessible as possible, to give every child around the world the best possible start in life."

Sophie Cooper, teacher and founder of The Read with Phonics Games.

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