Phonics Resources

Phonics Screening Flashcards | Age 4+

Phonics Screening Flashcards with real and pseudo words! Great for phonics screening check practise and to assess gaps in knowledge.
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Christmas Word Search | Age 5+

Christmas word search to try during the holiday season!
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Alien and Real Words Flashcards | Age 5

Over 10 pages of Alien and Real Words Flashcards! Alien words have Albee the Alien next to them and the real words having a matching picture. Great to use to in a group or individually to practise...
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Phonics Picture Flashcards | Age 4+

Great to use in a group or to introduce new phonics words. 31 pages.
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Phonics Missing Words with Picture | Age 4+

Look at the picture, sound out the word, write the missing word. 15 pages.
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Alphabet Find the Sound Activities | Age 4+

Can you circle find the target phonics sound? 15 pages.
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CVC Missing Alphabet Sounds | Age 4+

Look at the picture, sound out the word, fill in the missing sound. 15+ pages.
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Alien and Real Words | Age 5+

Tick the real words and draw an alien next to the alien words! 15+ pages.
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Phonics Sound Detectives | Age 5+

Hunt for the target phonics sound! 15+ pages.
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Phonics Alphabet Sounds handwriting | Age 4+

Pratice alphabet sounds with these handwriting. 15 pages.
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Albee the Alien Colouring | Age 3+

Design your own version of Albee the alien.
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CVC Sound Box Spelling | Age 4+

Look at the picture, say the word, unjumble the spelling and write it in the sound boxes!
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Decodable Phonics Flashcards Phase 2-5 Letters and Sounds | Age 4+

Over 400+ phonics flashcards covering phase 2-5 of Letters and Sounds. 50+ pages.
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Phonics Sound Story Starters | Age 5+

Use these great sound pictures to inspire your students to write their own sound stories! 51 pages.
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Draw it, make it, write it, find it! Age 5+

Phonics activities that cover 4 different aspects of learning a sound. 24 pages.
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