Fraser's Fun House

"Leo and I both love this App! From Leo’s point of view it’s a fun game to play that connects to the work he is doing in school and as a parent it’s a fun educational game with a purpose that I don’t mind him playing as he is learning without even realising it! It’s a game that he can continue to play and re-visit as he continues his phonics and reading, both in school and at home, which I’m certain will help give him that all important extra edge."

Bearded with Boys

"With all the negative focus on children using devices, apps like this one show the benefits of technology. My son really enjoys this app and asks to play it on a regular basis. It has definitely helped him improve his sounds and with learning to read."

Play and Learn Everyday

"She's finding it easy to use and navigate through the different levels in order to play the little games for the different phonics sounds."

Tiny Toes and Big Adventures

"I was absolutely beaming when I put my Son to bed the other night, and he asked me if he could tell me some new words and sounds- he then proceeded, trying so hard, to say words like "suitcase" and "apple" which he had struggled with before. I have even heard him going around the house repeating "a a a a a a" so I know that he is taking on board these sounds and letters and the best thing is, he is finding it fun and interactive which is wanting him to learn and do more."

Mommy Mix Up

"If you’ve been looking for an educational app that promotes reading with phonics, or can’t decide on the perfect holiday gift for the kid who has everything, you simply must give the Read with Phonics app a try."

Rambling Dad

"By turning lessons into phonics games, the creator have made it possible for children to learn their phonics without even realising".

Mummy Daddy Mia

"Mia really enjoyed working through the games for each sound within the Read with Phonics app and lvoed watching the bar fill up as she got the correct the answers correct."

Working Mommy Journal

"We love the app! It was easy to figure out how to use, it was interactive and fun to use. I tried it out first to make sure I would be able to help our youngest but then I let him take over. He had no problem following the on-screen prompts and got a kick out of Albee (and his sound munching!). The lessons were perfect for his age (he is five) and he was able to easily correct himself when it was required. He never became frustrated with the app and instead I found him laughing and saying the sounds out loud! It was definitely age appropriate for him and very user friendly."

Iway Diaries

"Honestly, I highly recommend this app for your kids. I’ve seen videos where kids started to learn reading before they’re 3rd birthday and who knows, your kid might be one of them, using this app."


"It’s a well-designed game that is visually appealing and fun for little ones. It is free from adverts, and you can play it offline, which are both important aspects for me when choosing apps for my kids."

Sophie's Nursery

"I would say this is one of the best phonics apps out there. It fits perfectly with the National Curriculum & is a fun, easy to use app for children. It’s well-designed, free from ads & can be played offline – all of which are important requirements for me when choosing an app for my little ones. Sophie absolutely loves playing it & I have seen a significant increase in her understanding & recognition of very simple initial letter sounds. I can see us using this for a long time to come. Learning to read has never been so much fun!"

Along came Poppy

"I found it to be extremely user friendly and the games easy to follow. I particularly like that the font is very clear and the voice used has good pronunciation in UK English. My three year old has also been able to complete some of the easier games."

To Become Mum

"Ethan is really starting to engage with apps and games on the iPad and seems to really like the alien!"

It's a Meaningful Life

"I especially love that you don't have to have an internet connection to use the app. You also don't have to deal with bothersome and distracting ads. For a one time fee of just $7.99, you can unlock all 4 levels and you don't have to pay a yearly subscription. You can allow your children to use it without worrying that they will make a in-app purchases without your consent. "

Breastfeeding Needs

"My five year old loves this game/app. She is just learning to read and is enjoying learning her letter sounds and putting words together."


"An easy app to use, a very exciting game/educational tool for reading and sounding out words; Loralai has asked numerous times to play on it. I can honestly say watching her sound out, say and drag words to the right pictures has made me emotional and proud … Happy emotions of course. She’s just so grown up!"

A Modern Mum's Life

 "I can see it being interesting for beginning readers for sure.  As far as I understand the levels get harder the farther you progress through the game."

Baby Led Blog

"I like the positive reward system the game offers and the different ways the app challenges a child to think about each letter; from recognising the grapheme to putting it into a word. All in all, this phonics app is a really great addition to his other toys and games. Plus…the little alien dude is super cute!"

From Tum To Mum

"The activities are colourful and interactive."


"It is simple. So many apps these days are bold and noisy. Whilst this is great I find the girls get very distracted from any task they need to complete. Plus after a while I get fed up of hearing the same piece of music for the 4657590 time. With not music and no unnecessary graphics Ellie focused on this for a long time."

Raising the Rings

"As children work through Read with Ponics they’ll eventually learn how each word breaks down and I think this is one of its huge selling points. We will continue to use this app right through school with Toby and it’s one that we’ll use with Teddy once he’s a little older."

Common Sense Media

"All in all, though carefully and methodically presenting phoneme after phoneme seems like a logical approach."

The Educational App Store

"This is a fantastic app that has been extremely well developed by professionals proficient in not only the topic of phonics but also with a very good understanding of the education and classroom setting."

Steph Loves Honey

"Honey says... I think that this app is good for anyone in Reception class or older children who might find phonics a little bit tricky. I give the app 5 stars because it is very colourful and the games are fun!"


Loving Life with Little Ones

"Little 2 loved the app, she could play it easily without any help, she loved the sound effects and the colours of the game as well as the graphics of the islands. She was able to play herself without any intervention from me and happily progressed through without trouble, she was keen to see her score in the right of the screen go up with each set of games passed."

It's the Hibbs

"I’d give the app a definite thumbs up. Since we’ve been using it, her confidence has grown when she’s reading her school book".

Relentlessly Purple

"Having played Read with phonics several times, Izzy is quickly picking up how to break words down into sounds. We’ve tried a few simple books too and she is able to sound out most 3/4 letter words and I’m absolutely certain by the time she completes the entire app she will be a phonics pro!"

Skinny Spending

"All in all I would highly recommend the Read with Phonics app for both schools and parents of young children. It is a great way of complimenting or reinforcing your childs’ phonics knowledge in a fun and interactive way."

Any Way To Stay At Home

"I really like that the app rewards you for doing well, there is no sense of failing, which is very positive."

Navigating Baby

"Learning to read at school is all built around phonics so I think that this can only help. We will certainly be carrying on using this app. My kids are always pestering me to use electronic devices and now that we have this app I am happier to say yes."

Little Hearts Big Love

"It's helping to reinforce the phonics learning that Jessica has been doing at school and helping Sophie start to learn phonics sounds too."

Beauty Baking Bella

"A fun and great app to have for your primary aged child who is learning to read and write."

The Rambling Ramnaths

"This app is a keeper! Logan and I both love it!"