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Fonics App for Learning Phonics for Teachers

“I would be lost without and have no idea how schools cope without it.”

- Mrs Gent

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The 3 ways we help teachers:


Interactive phonics resources for the classroom that make learning to read fun.


Track your students progress in phonics and tailor your phonics lessons specifically to your students needs.


Curriculum aligned phonics resources for parents and students to use at home.

Made by teachers for teachers

"Teaching a class of children to read is not easy. I wanted a fun resource for my students that also helped me track their progress. That is why I developed"

Sophie Cooper, Teacher and Founder of Read with Phonics

“We use every day in my classroom. It is great for introducing new sounds and recapping old ones.”

- Miss Hines

“I would be lost without and have no idea how schools cope without it. It is fantastic for differentiating within the classroom and extending learning at home.”

- Mrs Gent

“Read with Phonics is fun, I love the silly green alien!”

- 5 year old

Individual interventions

Group learning

Whole class play

Pupil tracking

How I use Read with Phonics in my classroom


“I would say this is one of the best phonics games apps I have come across.”

“If you have a child who is learning to read, I would definitely recommend checking out the Read with Phonics Games and Phonics App!”

“Make phonics fun through playing simple, clear phonics games with letter sounds!”

“Phonics games that have been designed with children in mind every step of the way.”