Phonics Sound Story Starters | Age 5+

Use these great sound pictures to inspire your students to write their own sound stories! 51 pages.

There are so many fun and interesting ways to write a story and Phonics Story Starters is one! Making phonics fun is one of our aims here at Read with Phonics and with our colourful graphics, writing stories with target phonics sounds can be as silly and fun as you want to make it!

Phonics Story Starters


What is covered?

Our  phonics story starters cover simple s a t/ p i n sounds and progress to two letter digraphs and three letter trigraphs, for example 'igh' 'ear'.


What is included?

51 pages of no prep phonics story starters, covering simple letter sounds to trickier three letter sounds. Each page has a space for a student name and date, a graphic picture box to choose ideas for the target phonics sound, lines to write on and an extension at the end.


What is needed?

For these actvities students will need a pencil and a highlighter.


Phonics Sound Story Starter Lesson Ideas

There are so many fun ways that you can use Phonics Sound Story Starters in your lessons! Below is one of the ways that I use Phonics Story Starters in my day to day lessons:

Phonics Story Starters

Tip: get your students to look at the pictures, sound them out and blend them back together! They could even write the word next to the pictures.



Phonics Story Starters

I have listed a more few ways that I use them in my day to day phonics lessons:

  • Write silly stories, see who can use the pictures to make up the silliest phonics story!
  • Use Phonics Story Starters at the the end of your lesson to assess the level of understanding of the target sound during the lesson

Why not use our online phonics games to reinforce your target sound in the starter or plenary of your lesson? Take a look at our Phonics Flashcards for a great way to start your next phonics lessons!


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