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Our popular online phonics games for schools are now available on app!

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Go on a reading adventure

Explore four exciting worlds and learn all your phonics sounds along the way! Join Albee the alien in his spaceship as you explore water world, forest world, lava land and jelly city! Albee will be with you every step of the way, cheering and celebrating with you for every correct answer!

Educational content

Education reading games that make learning the phonics sounds fun. Follows the curriculum and all synthetics phonics programs. Practice segmenting and blending skills, grapheme recognition, pseudo words, word comprehension and more.

As used in schools

Made by teachers, for teachers and trusted by over 2,000 schools worldwide. Consolidate the work carried out in school at home and make learning to read fun. Read with Phonics compliments all synthetic phonics programs used in schools around the world. Feel free to recommend ReadwithPhonics.com to your school!

Learn to read anytime, anywhere.

Practicing your phonics sounds for just 5 minutes a day is proven to be the best way to improve reading skills, whether in the car on the drive home from school, snuggled up on the sofa or sitting outside in the garden on a nice summers day!

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