BLOG: 5 things that can happen when you find the right place to read with your child

5 things that can happen when you find the right place to read

Does it matter where you read?


Encouraging your child to read can be a tricky business, you might hear the phrases ‘I don't want to’ or ‘I’m tired’. Reading with your child can be one of the most magical times you spend with them, but can where you read really make a difference to your child wanting to read? The answer is yes, where you read makes all the difference.


Imagine a loud crowded room and all you need to do is to focus, it is nearly impossible. When you ask a child to read in a loud, noisy enviroment it can be hard to concentrate and avoiding the task seems easier. But finding the right place to read is easy. The most important thing is that the environment is quiet and comfortable, this can foster feelings of security and protection. This could be anywhere from a quiet corner of the room to a comfy sofa, making sure there are no distractions like the TV or other siblings is very important.  Having loud noises around can be a sensory overload for children who find it hard to focus or even want to read.






By reading in this kind of enviroment you will be able to see:


1. Improved concentration

2. Increased book talk

3. Clearer focus on learnt reading skills

4. Connection with a book

5. A want to read!


Find a quiet place to read with your child and see the difference!