BLOG: 5 ways to use Fonics schools in your classroom


Use the FEEDBACK section to quickly highlight which sounds your students need to work on the most.

How to use Fonics in the Classroom to teach Phonics


Use the CHECKER to carry out quick and easy assessments to see where your students are at.


Take past phonics screening checks to see who is on target and who might need a little extra help.

Phonics Resources for Teachers and Schools how to use Fonics App in the Classroom


Use all this information to tailor your upcoming lessons specifically to your students needs. Fonics schools helps to reduce the time you spend planning your phonics lessons and gives you all the information you need.

Fonics App Classroom use to teach to learn to read with Phonics


Play as a whole class at the start or end of a lesson to introduce a new sound or recap previous learning.

Learn to Read with Fun Fonics Games App

You can download Fonics for free from all major app stores now or play online!