BLOG: How to make your Phonics lessons engaging and creative

I really enjoy teaching Phonics, but can understand when some teachers say that they struggle to come up with ways to engage their students. So I have created 4 really super easy but exciting ways to make your Phonics lessons engaging and creative.

1. Scrap the whiteboards! Use big pieces of sugar paper and felt tips.

Creative Lessons to Teach Phonics in School Classroom

2. Start the lesson with a consolidation of previously learnt sounds by playing digraph detectives.

How to play: Use a sound that you have previously been learning. Use words with that sound and put them into a sentence. Students have a pile of sentences on their table, they can use their highlighter to hunt for the digraph or trigraph.

Fonics App teaches children to read in school

3. Give the students words from the lesson to segment with sound buttons, this can be done in partners. 

Learn to Read with Phonics with Creative lessons

4. Use a different space for your Phonics lesson, we used the chalk board outside!

Teach Children to Read with Phonics in new ways