BLOG: How making a holiday diary can help young learners

Going on holiday can be one of the most exciting times in a child’s life, whether it be to the local camp site or flying around the world. Sitting down while on holiday and reminiscing about the day and the funny things that happened can be such a wonderful time.

A holiday can be a great educational experience for children and making a holiday diary can help them in more ways than one. Below are the positive ways in which making a holiday diary can help your young learners:

1) Improving fine motor skills- by holding a pencil your young learners can improve their fine motor skills throughout the holidays one little bit at a time.

2) Organising ideas onto paper – composing sentences can be a great way of working through their train of thought and arranging their ideas onto paper.

3) Maintains concentration levels- by focusing on something important children can maintain their concentration levels throughout the holidays.

4) Promotes a love of reading and writing – there is nothing better than reading and writing about something that you love and have enjoyed doing.

When the holidays are over don’t put their holiday diary on the shelf, get them to read it to you at bedtime or to friends and family when they come over and keep the holiday memories alive for years to come.