BLOG: Why were we called ‘Fonics’?

Did you know that there are over 20 different ways of phonetically spelling 'phonics'?


Ever since I launched Read with Fonics last year, I have been asked numerous times why we spelt ‘Fonics’ how we did. And why would a product that teaches children to read teach the wrong spelling?


‘Fonics’ is just one of the many phonically plausible ways that you can spell ‘phonics’. The ‘f’ sound at the start of the word can also be spelt ‘ph’. This is the very message that we wanted to incorporate into our brand, that there are lots of different spelling combinations for the 44 sounds that make up the English language. For many sounds there are also many different letter combinations.


Phonics is proven to be the best method for teaching children to read quickly and easily. When teaching children phonics, we teach children to both read and write phonetically. As teachers we praise students on being able to spell phonetically as this demonstrates a child's understand of how words and letters are broken up into sounds.


I wonder how many other phonically plausible ways you can think to spell ‘phonics’?


*We have recently rebranded from Read with Fonics to Read with Phonics*