Top 10 Phonics Resources

I am forever looking for new and exciting resources to engage my Year 1 class in their Phonics lessons. Below I have compiled a list of the best resources I have found:

1.Phonics fishing

Phonics Games Fun Resources to Learn with Fonics App

This was bought from poundland! £4 for all of it. A great resource that they can play as a group or independently to work on their graphemes. 


2. Name the alien

Twinkl have a great resource that you can adapt for your classroom or even at home. You have different pictures of silly aliens and with different diagraphs you can make up fun names for them.


3. Digraph detectives/Phoneme spotter

Phonics Learning Resources with Fonics App

Super easy to make, pick a grapheme you want your students to practise. Make sentences with words with those graphemes in. Students highlight when they find them. Can be played with a time limit! 


4. Picture matching


Cut up pictures and corresponding words. Aim is the match them together, make sure the students sound out and blend the words together first!


5. Phoneme frames

This splits words into their individual sounds.


6. Alien words and real words

Having different alien words and real words on flash cards with pictures can be great to play on individually or in a group.


7. Using an interesting picture to write about


I find that my class love doing this! I pick a really interesting picture that has a diagraph in that they need to focus on and they use the picture to write a sentence.


8. ' These pictures have the er diagraph in'


Having a collection of pictures on the board that have the same diagraph in, students say the word, sound the word out and then write the word.


9. Sentence and picture matching

Matching different sentences to pictures.


10. Read with Fonics app and online games

At Read with Fonics you can play at school or at home! We offer free accounts for schools where you can track the progress of your students as well as taking online past phonics screening checks and playing online!