Say it, Write it, Find it! CVC Words with Pictures | Age 5+

Say the word (colour if they want!), write the word, find the word in the simple sentence. 19 Pages!

Say it, write it, find it! Is one of my favourite resources! It incorperates all of the key skills of learning phonics. This resource has over 19 pages of no prep worksheets!


What is covered?

Our phonics story starters cover simple s a t/ p i n sounds and progress to two letter digraphs and three letter trigraphs, for example 'igh' 'ear'.


What is included?

19 pages of no prep phonics activities. Each page asks the student to look at the picture and say the word, write the word in the box and then find the word in the sentence.


What is needed?

For these actvities students will need a pencil, a highlighter and maybe some colouring crayons!


How do I use this resource? 

Say it, write it, find it


Why not use our online phonics games to reinforce your target sound in the starter or plenary of your lesson? Take a look at our Phonics Flashcards for a great way to start your next phonics lessons!


Download (14.63 MB)