Simple Alphabet Sounds Activities | Age 4+

Teach the alphabet sounds over 400+ pages of no prep phonics worksheets. Activities included: Find the sound, picture matching (cvc words), sentence starters, be a sound detective, handwriting using the sound, spelling using the sound, real and alien words using the sound, sound word comprehension and a word list quiz (cvc). Over 400+ pages!


Teach the alphabet sounds over 400+ pages of no prep phonics worksheets. Available in colour and in eco friendly black and white.

  • Use each resource individually or print out the whole sound book for each student to work through.


What is covered?

Our Decodable Phonics Flashcards cover simple letter sounds, two letter digraphs and three letter trigraphs. They cover phases 2-5 of letters and sounds.


What is included?

400 pages of Phonics Sound Books, covering simple letter sounds. Each sound book has over 10 12 pages of different phonics activites, covering a variety of skills.


Resources Included


- a phonics bundle

- s phonics bundle

- t phonics bundle

- p phonics bundle

- b phonics bundle

- m phonics bundle

- g phonics bundle

- e phonics bundle

- o phonics bundle

- d phonics bundle

- i phonics bundle

- u phonics bundle

- n phonics bundle


In Each Phonics Sound Bundle


- Find the sound

- Picture matching (cvc words)

- Sentence starters

- Be a sound detective

- Handwriting using the sound

- Spelling using the sound

- Real and alien words using the sound

- Sound word comprehension

- Word list quiz (cvc)


The ideal way to teach the alphabet sounds!


Phonics Sound Books Lesson Ideas

I use these Phonics Sound Books are individual sound journeys for each student. I print out and laminate each book for them and they can work through in the mornings to practise simple sounds. 

Phonics Sound Books


Why not use our online phonics games to reinforce your target sound in the starter or plenary of your lesson? Take a look at our Phonics Sound Story Starters for another great way to start or end your phonics lessons!

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